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Literacy | 06/03/2019

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinator

As adults, we are constantly tracking different things in our lives: number of steps taken, hours of sleep, loan payments, etc. Keeping a record of these numbers not only keeps us accountable but also allows us to feel a sense of accomplishment when we look back at all that we have achieved.

Why not pass this habit and feeling of pride on to your young readers? Tracking books read and words learned can increase your child’s motivation and excitement to sit down and read! We’ve compiled a few ways that you and your family can keep track of the reading that happens at home. Negotiate certain milestones or achievements that might warrant some sort of reward when reached. For example: a visit to the movies for every five books finished and discussed!

Family Reading Calendar
For this, you will need a monthly calendar. Use a new one or one you might already have for important dates! Assign each family member a different color. When someone finishes a book, they can use that color to fill in a square in the calendar and write the title. At the end of the month, look back and see who was able to read the most! You can also use the the Colorado State Library's Day by Day Literacy Calendar

Bookshelf Poster
Grab a large piece of paper and draw a bookshelf with outlines of books. As you finish books with your child, ask them to write in the title of the book and color in an outline. Fill up the bookshelf with colorful books and admire all the reading that has happened!

Reading Log and Review
Designate a notebook or journal as a reading log. For each book finished, ask your child to write the title, the author, and a short review. They can also assign stars, draw a summary picture, and/or write a new word learned.

Bookopolis is a free, kid-friendly online community that allows young readers to track books read and find recommendations from other users. Your child can also create a “bookshelf” and earn points by reading and rating.

Whatever the method, we hope your family considers finding a way to track books read at home! For more at-home literacy tips, check out Read Now Colorado.

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