The Holidays are for Relaxing, Reveling, & Reading!

Literacy | 12/18/2018

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinator

Winter break is a fantastic time to relax, see family, and reflect on another year gone by. The vacation is also a great opportunity to encourage a love of reading at home! Make sure your family takes advantage of those quiet days without school to continue building those literacy skills.

Pick a few of these fun activities and strategies to try at home so the learning doesn't stop once vacation starts.

  • Holiday season means lots of delicious meals and treats with family. Ask your child to help out in the kitchen by reading aloud a favorite recipe. If you've got young chefs or bakers in your family, ask them to write down step-by-step instructions for their best creation!
  • Check out one of the many free events that might be happening at your local library! You can find the Denver Public Library's calendar here.
  • Go book shopping and ask your child to help pick out gifts for their cousins, neighbors, etc. Check out Colorín Colorado's gift guide here.
  • Use your tablet or phone as a reading device! Kids can listen to celebrities read stories at Storyline Online or download E-Books at Libby
  • Get outside by going on a winter scavenger hunt. Ask your child to be a Nature Detective and look for the items on this list.
  • Recruit your child to help you write holiday cards to friends and family members! Ask them to write about the highlights of their year and their 2019 resolutions.
  • Visit Read Now Colorado for more tips and resources to help you encourage literacy at home year round!

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