TAKE ACTION: Support Teacher Diversity

Legislation | 02/28/2022

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

House Bill 22-1220, which will remove barriers to support teacher candidates entering the workforce, is being heard in the House Education Committee on March 3rd and we need to show members how much support there is for this policy.

HB22-1220 will:  

  • support teacher candidates by paying them for their student teaching work, 
  • remove financial barriers by paying for teacher exam fees, 
  • expand pathways to licensure by allowing multiple ways to demonstrate competency. 

Email House Education Committee Members

We are proud to champion HB22-1220 because we see this policy as a pathway to increasing teacher diversity in Colorado. We know that removing financial barriers and increasing pathways to licensure will ensure a more diverse educator workforce, which is critical for all of Colorado’s students to experience just and supportive schools.

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