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Literacy, Parent & Family Engagement | 06/21/2019

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

As your kids grow and learn, remember that as parents and family members you are growing and learning right alongside them. Celebrate your shared exploration of the world and encourage deeper conversations by starting a family book club! By reading the same book and coming together to discuss it, you and your kids will gain deeper understanding of the story and insight into the different perspectives that exist in your home. We’ve compiled some suggestions to help your family get started.

Choose a book
Whether your child is a beginning reader or an avid bookworm, a family book club can be a motivating way to encourage at-home reading. Help your child choose a picture book or chapter book that interests them. If possible, check out multiple copies of a book (often possible at your local library) so that everyone can have a copy. If only a single copy is available, share that one among family members.

If you have multiple reading levels in your home, pick a topic that you can find covered in both picture and chapter books. For example, if you have children who are interested in space you can find books on Mae Jemison in multiple levels such as Grades 1-2 and Grades 6-8.

Set up a meeting time
At least a week or two in advance, schedule a date, time, and location for your book club meeting. Help your child make invitations to give out to family members. Include on the invitations the expectation that participants show up prepared to discuss the book.

Create discussion questions
Sit down with your child and help them think of discussion questions to keep the conversation moving. You can use our literacy cubes to spark some ideas.

Make the meeting special!
When the date of your family’s book club arrives, try and make it a special kind of gathering. Serve snacks and fun drinks. Put pillows and blankets on the ground. Maybe even go to your local library or a coffeeshop to switch it up! Have your child facilitate the discussion with the questions they created and enjoy this shared moment of learning and reflection.

Plan your next meeting
Make a family book club a household tradition! Discuss the next book to read and set up a date for another meeting.

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