Standing With You: March 2021

Who We Are | 03/09/2021

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

One Big Thing

Working to Center Parent and Educator Voice at the Capitol

Stand strives to champion legislation alongside those most impacted- parents, educators, and community members- and we are committed to engaging, providing a platform for, and activating these key stakeholders this session.

Stand supports parents, educators, and community members in championing the policies they care about including early literacy, teacher diversity, ending the school to prison pipeline, and equitable education funding. In the last two months, we’ve hosted conversations with policy experts and lawmakers, facilitated trainings to prepare to give testimony at the Capitol, and surveyed the community we serve to gather input on priority legislation.

Why It Matters

Stories matter. Telling personal stories builds understanding and empathy with those who have the power to change policy. Former State Representative and Stand Government Affairs Director, Bri Buentello, explains why personal stories are so critical in the Capitol.

“When you strip away all the politics, the bottom line is that every person in that building is there because they want to help our communities. Personal stories and testimony matter because they offer a rare perspective: someone who has been or will be directly impacted by the work that we do. Your personal stories, your fresh perspective, and your passion all directly influence legislation.”

Learn More

Senator Buckner Outlines Leg Priorities [2.26.21] Senator Janet Buckner meets with parents and educators to preview the upcoming legislative session.

We Must Prioritize the Science of Reading [2.1.21] Brooke Sassi, Colorado reading interventionist, shares why it’s so critical to support teachers in learning and teaching the science of reading.

Parents and Teachers Engage in Storytelling Workshop [1.27.21] Parents and teachers join an online training to learn how to craft and tell their own stories to impact change.

READ Act Conversations with Parents and Teachers [12.17.20] Stand hosts conversations with key stakeholders of the READ Act- parents and teachers.

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