Stand for Children CO Releases Endorsements

Elections | 09/11/2020

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

Stand will Support 25 candidates, two ballot measures, and DPS Bond and Mill 

Stand for Children announced today the endorsement of nine candidates for Colorado Senate, 15 candidates for Colorado House of Representatives, one candidate for State Board of Education, two ballot measures, and the Denver Public Schools Bond and Mill in the 2020 election. Parent leaders met to review the measures and consider the candidates and voted to endorse the following over the past few weeks.  Stand and parents will now work to get out the vote in support of these candidates and measures between now and election day.  

Colorado Senate   

SD-8: Sen. Bob Rankin  

SD-19: Sen. Rachel Zenzinger  

SD-21: Sen. Dominick Moreno  

SD-25: Sen. Kevin Priola  

SD-26: Sen. Jeff Bridges  

SD-28: Rep. Janet Buckner  

SD-29: Sen. Rhonda Fields  

SD-31: Sen. Chris Hansen  

SD-33: Rep. James Coleman  

Colorado House of Representatives  

HD-1: Rep. Susan Lontine  

HD-2: Rep. Alec Garnett  

HD-5: Rep. Alex Valdez  

HD-8: Rep. Leslie Herod  

HD-17: Rep. Tony Exum  

HD-22: Rep. Colin Larson  

HD-28: Rep. Kerry Tipper  

HD-30: Rep. Dafna Michaelson Jenet  

HD-31: Rep. Yadira Caraveo  

HD-33: Rep. Matt Gray  

HD-38: David Ortiz  

HD-40: Naquetta Ricks  

HD-47: Rep. Bri Buentello  

HD-59: Rep. Barbara McLachlan  

HD-61: Rep. Julie McCluskie  

 State Board of Education  

State Board of Education CD-3: Joyce Rankin  

Candidates seeking Stand’s endorsement were carefully considered by a committee of parents. For candidates previously endorsed by Stand, voting records were reviewed for alignment to key policy priorities. Candidates not previously endorsed by Stand completed surveys that were reviewed by the endorsement committee.   

 “I’m just excited to endorse true champions of education,” said parent and endorsement committee member Tina Carroll.  

“They are relatable, and their stories connect with us,” said parent and endorsement committee member Natalie Perez.  

 “These candidates are dedicated to better education for our communities; they understand the importance of reading and equitable education for all children,” said parent and endorsement committee member Sarah Titus.  

  “We love people that know the root of the problem and are willing to take action with parents,” said parent and endorsement committee member Ruby Cardenas.  

  “I think that I liked these folks because I see they are connected to the community. I feel like they are involved,” said parent and endorsement committee member Nallely Antunez.   

  “They’re pro-education in a way that will improve education in Colorado!” said parent and endorsement committee member Bonnie Hendricks.  

Ballot Measures   

Proposition EE: Colorado Tobacco and E-Cigarette Tax Increase for Health and Education Programs Measure   

If passed, Proposition EE, provide desperately needed funding for public schools and ensures universal, free preschool for all Colorado kids by raising taxes on cigarettes (slowly increasing from 84 cents in 2020 to $2.64 in 2027). This proposition also closes the vaping tax loophole, slowly increasing taxes in line with other tobacco products (62%) by 2027. Raising taxes on tobacco and vape products helps people – particularly teens – quit using and discourages them from ever starting.  

 “We’re facing huge budget shortfalls, and hopefully this can help us make up the difference so that our schools get the resources they need. I think it is a great way to fund schools and preschool.” said parent and endorsement committee member Sarah Titus.   

 “Hay muchas personas que fuman, y creo que este impuesto es una manera perfecta de financiar la educación, y especialmente la inversión adicional que necesitamos en preescolar.” | “There are a lot of people who smoke, and I believe that this tax is a perfect way to fund education, and especially the extra investment we need in preschool,” said parent and endorsement committee member Nallely Antunez.  

Amendment B: Gallagher Amendment Repeal  

If passed, Amendment B will repeal the Gallagher Amendment, which sets residential and non-residential property tax assessment rates in the state constitution and then allows the State Legislature to freeze property tax assessment rates at the current rates (7.15% for residential property and 29% for non-residential property). Ultimately it allows the state legislature to provide for future property tax assessment rate adjustments through state law.  The Gallagher Amendment has caused school funding shortfalls as the state has had to take on a greater burden of funding K-12 education. A repeal would allow for more localized funding, relieving pressure on the state budget. Learn more here.   

“I think by repealing Gallagher, it will allow us to take a look at TABOR; we haven’t done anything to address TABOR. Gallagher is taking over here. I think the people of Colorado need to understand how their tax code is changing even when they aren’t paying attention. We’ve got to be careful with our investments, and I think the best thing we can do in this moment is make sure our schools aren’t losing even more money by keeping Gallagher in place,” said said parent and endorsement committee  Ruby Cardenas.

“I think it is a great way to explain to people how the property tax works, how it affects schools, and how the tax actually benefits the economy and the community. The Gallagher Amendment is taking that away. The way things are now, every year our schools lose money. This could help stop that. And I think it is important for people to remember, higher taxes isn’t always a negative. It’s guaranteed to back to your community—your roads, your neighborhood, your schools, your community,” said said parent and endorsement committee Sarah Titus.  

Denver Public Schools Bond and Mill Levy  

In August, the DPS Board of Education voted to adopt a bond and mill levy proposal asking Denver voters to consider two measures: a $795 million bond that would provide funding to build and maintain schools, and a $32 million Debt-Free Schools ballot initiative that would provide operating dollars to fund priorities such as mental health, nursing, and special education supports. Learn more here. 

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  • I can’t support Amendment B. Property taxes are already too high, especially with property values skyrocketing. Find another way!
    Beverly Hillstrom

    September 17, 2020 1:57 PM

  • Any founds that bring mental health resources to our communities are welcome, especially in such challenging and uncertain times with COVID-19, loss of jobs the political climate, climate change disasters, etc. that affect us all! I will be supporting the DPS Bond and Mill Levy!
    Elvia Lubin

    September 17, 2020 2:18 PM