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Legislation | 08/04/2021

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

Stand for Children Colorado announces that Senator Janet Buckner and Representative Yadira Caraveo and parent fellow, Tina Carroll have been named 2021 Stand for Children Legislative Champions for their commitment to advancing policy focused on literacy, education funding equity, and bold anti-racism.

Senator Janet Buckner (D- Aurora, Senate District 28)

“We applaud Senator Buckner for her legislative priorities and her accomplishments in the 2021 legislative session. She has been a champion for Stand for Children values, introducing legislation that was boldly anti-racist, and that advanced equity in school funding and literacy. We are particularly grateful for Senator Buckner’s work on HB21-1304, a bill that created the Department of Early Childhood Education and allocated millions of dollars to ensure that someday soon, we will have universal pre-school,” said Stand Executive Director, Krista Spurgin.

Representative Yadira Caraveo (D – Thornton, House District 31)

“In 2021, Representative Caraveo joined the House Education Committee, where she has continued her ongoing legacy of thoughtful legislation for all Colorado students.  This year, she led the charge on bold, anti-racist policy, such as restricting the usage of ketamine during arrests, increasing access to healthcare and public services, and expanding early childhood education. Thank you so much for your leadership, Representative Caraveo!” Spurgin continued.

Tina Carroll, Parent Advocacy Fellow 

Tina Carroll hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and moved to Denver, Colorado more than 6 years ago. Tina has one child in the Denver Public School system and enjoys learning about the world of education through the lens of her young scholar.

“Tina has been a Stand for Children parent Advocacy Fellow for the last year and volunteer for more than two years. She has been extremely active in the fellowship advocating for impactful policy during legislative session and testifying before the legislature. She shared her story of being an essential employee and a single parent during the pandemic with dozens of local and national reporters. Tina led the charge engaging Colorado voters, sending a record number of text messages in support of education funding for Denver Public Schools and expanded Pre-K for all Colorado students. This was on top of hundreds of handwritten postcards. It has been an honor to have Tina as part of our team and we look forward to continuing our work together,” Spurgin said.  

Stand for Children Legislator Champions were selected based on their votes, public stances, and sponsorship for bills in the areas of literacy, education funding equity, and bold anti-racism.  Stand for Children Parent Champion was selected based on her advocacy over the last year and engagement at the legislature, work during the elections, and engagement with the media.

We are proud to recognize these champions for their achievements in standing up for Colorado students over the past year.


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