Senator Buckner Outlines Leg Priorities

Parent & Family Engagement | 02/26/2021

Claire Bresnahan
Communications and Operations Manager

Recently, Senator Janet Buckner met with over 20 parent leaders, educators and community members to preview the upcoming legislative session, highlighting key legislation aimed at dismantling the school to prison pipeline in Colorado. Senator Buckner is the lead sponsor of the bill, which is still being finalized. She shared information about the school to prison pipeline, highlighting some of the practices that harm students of color and named why this is the moment to push this legislation through.

“This bill is crucial for our Brown and Black kids. Why is this the year to run this bill? It should've been run before but now that we as a country seem to be talking about social injustice, let’s keep talking about it and let’s get this bill passed”, she said.

Parents and teachers are eager to support legislation to combat racism in our schools. Parent leader and Stand Advocacy Fellow, Natalie Perez said, “I’ve seen what the school to prison pipeline does. I’ve lived it and I’ve been affected by it. This is something that means a lot to me.”

Throughout this legislative session, Stand is committed to centering parent, educator, and community voice at the Capitol and we are so energized by folks’ eagerness to fight for Colorado’s kids. As Tina, parent leader and Stand Advocacy Fellow  said, “I am ready to be a change agent!”

Sign and share our petition to support policy to disrupt and end the school to prison pipeline in Colorado. 

Learn more about what we're championing this legislative session here.

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