Science of Reading: Fluency

Literacy | 08/11/2020

Claire Bresnahan
State Operations Coordinator

Science of Reading: Fluency  

In this series, we’re talking about the skills students need to be strong readers. Below you will find a description of the skill and an activity to support building this skill. Happy reading! 

Fluency: Reading fluently is the ability to read accurately, rapidly, and with expression so the reader can process and comprehend what has been read. Readers who lack fluency struggle so much with decoding that they cannot focus on the meaning. 

Practice fluency with Speed Reading!  

Speed Reading (Ideal for 1st grade) 

You'll need:

  • Book 

  • Timer/phone 

  • Calendar 

  1. Have your child time you reading a page aloud from a book. 
  2. Write down your time in the calendar. 
  3. Ask your child to read the same page aloud as you time them.  
  4. Write down their time in the calendar. 
  5. Try and time each other reading every day and mark the times in the calendar. Watch your child’s time get faster and faster as their fluency improves! 


We’ve pulled these helpful descriptions from the National Council on Teacher Quality. Learn more here

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