Rethinking Math: Elevating Educator Expertise

Ninth Grade Success | 12/16/2020

Judith Martinez
Director of Colorado Center for High School Success

Success in ninth grade math contributes to keeping a student on-track to meet graduation requirements and opens the door to higher level courses and postsecondary and career readiness.  Yet many ninth graders struggle in math and pass rates are consistently low. 

Last week our Center for High School Success hosted four educators from Poudre High School to share their experience in shifting their ninth-grade math program in order to improve course performance. Educators, Elissa Pitts, Krista Stoll, Nathan Savig and Erin Gilbert shared their expertise in making intentional, attainable changes to give ninth graders the best chance for success in math.  

The event, which drew over 30 participants, including educators, administrators, and district staff, raised awareness of practices and strategies to increase success in ninth grade math courses and provided a networking opportunity around emerging strategies to increase math course performance. 

As one educator noted on their evaluation of the event, “I enjoyed seeing how Poudre was able to think outside the box to give students opportunities to show proficiency.”  

We are grateful to Poudre High School and their willingness to share best practices and are eager to continue to provide meaningful collaboration opportunities to improve outcomes for high school students across Colorado.  

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