Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

In March of this year all of our lives dramatically changed to slow the spread of COVID-19. While school buildings closed educators rushed to move learning online. There were many challenges around technology, access, and engaging students in an entirely new form of learning. We’ve done a series of blogs with our Ninth Grade Success school and district partners sharing reflections and key takeaways from this time period. Our hope is to provide information about what these schools and districts found worked when engaging  students (especially high school students) remotely. You can find blogs from partner schools and districts: Poudre School District, Pueblo 60 School District and Arvada High School

We are also very excited to share another resource to help. Drawing from research and input from award-winning educators and diverse parent leaders, Stand for Children developed Preventing A Lost School Year: The Crucial Importance of Motivating Students & Engaging Families. In this guide you will find impactful and implementable strategies for motivating and supporting students and partnering with families with links to useful implementation guides. 

Recommendations include:

  •  A Fair Grading Practices Model that enables districts to maximize students’ motivation and engagement while minimizing the potential negative impact of remote learning on students confronting significant learning and life challenges.
  •  Advisors for All Middle and High School Students to keep students on track and foster students’ social and emotional development.
  •  Twice monthly grade level team meetings at which educators and staff have strengths based discussions about how to promptly intervene with off track students and how to address concerning trends.
  •  Virtual home visits at the beginning of the school year with every student and their parent(s)/guardian(s).  
  • An evidence-based texting platform to enable teachers to provide learning tips to pre-k and early elementary grade parents 

We know there is still much uncertainty right now, but hope that sharing these actionable resources provides help for educators as they plan for engaging students in the future.

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