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Literacy | 05/02/2018

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinator

Do you know your child’s reading level?  Do you know how to find books that match your child’s reading level?

All the numbers and colors and letters that different people & schools use to measure reading levels can be confusing. Luckily, there are many resources out there that can help you more accurately understand at what level your child is reading and find books that are appropriate for that level. We will share a few resources with you today.

Speak with your child's teacher:

The easiest way to find your child's reading level is to speak with their teacher. You don't have to wait until conferences to ask for this information. Find a time with your child's teacher, maybe before or after school, to either meet in person or speak over the phone.

Use our Parent Teacher Conference Guide for some questions you can use to guide the conversation. 

The Five Finger Rule: 

Many times, you may be looking for a book without resources on hand to determine its exact level. In these cases, use the Five Finger Rule to quickly and easily determine if the book is at the right difficulty level for your child.

Have your child read one page from a book aloud to you. Your child will put up a finger every time they don’t know or understand a word. At the end of the page if your child has:

0-1 fingers: too easy – maybe find something a little more challenging

2 fingers: good level for child to read on their own

3 fingers: good if your child is up for the challenge!

4 fingers: too difficult read on their own – might be a good read to do with parents or an older sibling

5 fingers: too challenging

Print out our Five Fingers bookmark to always keep this information on-hand!

Happy reading! For more literacy tips and information, be sure to check out Read Now Colorado and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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