A Problem and a Solution

Parent & Family Engagement, School Funding | 01/09/2019

Danielle DeSantis
State Organizing Director


Colorado does not fully fund full day kindergarten despite numerous studies showing that children who attend full day kindergarten demonstrate higher achievement and increased social skills. 

Due to outdated school finance laws and restrictive tax measures, districts and families are forced to find their own ways to fund full day kindergarten to their students. Often districts must take money out of their budget, pass mill levy overrides, and/or charge tuition to cover the difference. This means that many families in Colorado must pay out of pocket to ensure a quality educational foundation for their child. 

When districts are left scrambling to make up the difference to fund full day kindergarten, the programs that are offered vary quite significantly across the state. This variance contributs to greater inequities and larger opportunity gaps for our students. To read more about the issue, check out our blog post


Stand for Children Colorado is partnering with parents, legislators, teachers, and community members to push for fully funded full day kindergarten in our state. Are you interested in joining us? We want to build a coalition of parents who are educated about the issue and are passionate about advocating for educational equity. If you are interested in becoming a Stand for Children Advocacy Fellow, please consider applying! You can read more about the fellowship here.


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