Paying For College Can Be Spooky

College & Career Readiness | 10/31/2018

Ivana Bejaran
Parent Organizer

Halloween is a day when we highlight the scary things in life. When else do we welcome the sight of witches, ghosts, and zombies on our doorstep? 

But do you know what scares me more than vampires or ghouls?
The fact that 74% of Denver jobs will require a higher degree but less than 50% of Denver residents 25 years and younger have a bachelor's degree or higher. 

The scary reality is that many high school seniors graduate every year ready and willing to pursue higher education but find themselves limited by financial barriers. We always hear about how Denver is flourishing but is this prosperity benefiting the families and students who live, work, and learn in this city? 

Initiative 300: Prosperity Denver would provide a dedicated funding stream to provide Denver students with scholarships to continue on to higher learning. With this money, students who face financial obstacles will have the opportunity to pursue a degree at a qualifying institution of their choice whether that's a 2- or 4-year college, university, community college, or technical college. 

This modest investment in our city's future will have a major impact. Through a 0.08% Denver sales tax (less than a penny on a $10 purchase), Prosperity Denver will expand the opportunities of qualified, smart, and talented students in our city.

Even though Halloween celebrates the scary side of things, it's also often a celebration of community: Neighbors open their doors and hand out candy to kids, families walk the streets with their children, and entire neighborhoods are lit up in spooky decarations. As a city, let's work together in the spirit of community to support our students by voting YES on Initiative 300!

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