Parents Show Us How They Stand for Children

Parent & Family Engagement | 08/27/2018

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinators

Last week, Stand parents showed us how they advocate for their children and families by speaking at the Denver School Board public comment. 

Three parents, Daniel Nelson, Ruby Cardenas, and Glenda Contreras stepped up to the podium and shared their hopes and expectations for the next DPS Superintendent in front of the school board and departing superintendent, Tom Boasberg. They all spoke about the importance of having a superintendent who will respect and celebrate the many diverse cultures represented in Denver and expressed hopes that the next district leader will push schools towards higher academic gains.

Daniel, a father of four DPS students, reminded the members that the “superintendent should help rise up struggling schools” and "support school educators like teachers and principals."

Ruby, a mother of two DPS students, shared an opinion expressed by a respondent to our Superintendent Search Survey when she said “My hope for this search process is that we find a leader that has integrity, respect, and understands the awesome possibilities that diversity brings.”

Glenda, who has two children in DPS, also talked about the importance of a superintendent who respects and understands diversity because “with experience they will be able to support teachers and students easily in their needs… we want a superintendent who provides teachers and students with opportunities to thrive. Someone who listens to the needs that they have."

We are so proud of our parents taking time out of their evenings to fight for what they think is right.

Are you interested in getting involved and sharing your perspective? Take our Superintendent Search Survey! You can also take the survey en español. We will be sharing the results directly with school board members.

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