Parent: I Want Info About My Child's School

Access to High-Quality Schools | 08/07/2020

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

This week in an op-ed in Front Porch - Northeast Denver, parent leader Sarah Titus called for quality information about schools in Denver.  She says, "In August, the Board of Education will consider changes to the School Performance Framework (SPF). A committee that met this last school year is recommending that to meet state accountability requirements, DPS rely on the state’s school performance framework. Further, it recommends that for each school to present a more complete picture of its progress, the community should create a dashboard system and improvement cycle." Ultimately, she asks parents to join her in asking the school board to vote to support all three recommendations of the SPF Committee. 

Take Action: Show Your Support For the Recommendations

"I’m excited about the dashboard. I think it will finally provide a way for every voice in the school system to be heard, especially the voices of parents and teachers. A dashboard designed by the community will provide the information parents and staff want to see. Measures such as: How welcome do parents feel at the school? Do children feel safe there? Does the school have high retention rates for staff and kids? How are students with special needs served? Is the teaching staff satisfied with school leadership?"

Denver Public Schools wanted to reimagine the School Performance Framework (SPF)—a tool that was both an important resource for families and flawed. In order to do so, they brought together a committee of stakeholders—principals, parents and teachers—who spent months trying to come up with recommendations on how to improve the SPF. Throughout that process, parent leaders that work with Stand for Children pushed for the engagement of even more community members. Ultimately – the Committee created three recommendations. You can read them here.

Read the Op-ed

Titus concludes, "Our schools need to do a better job advancing equity, where students of every race, background and ability thrive and reach their full potential. Being responsive to the community is key to achieving this goal. Parents want and deserve information about their children’s schools. And we want to be able shape the ways in which school performance is measured."

She calls on her fellow DPS parents to tell the school board to support all three recommendations of the community-driven SPF committee.

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