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Elections | 10/26/2021

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

Stand for Children Colorado has endorsed four candidates for the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education election this fall: Karolina Villagrana (District 2),   Dr. Carrie Olson (District 3)Vernon Jones Jr. (At Large), and most recently Gene Fashaw (District 4)

These candidates have a demonstrated track record of standing up for students. The parents who led our endorsement process connected with each candidate’s stated commitment to approaching DPS’s most pressing challenges through an equity lens and ensuring that every student in Denver has the supports and resources needed to thrive. 

You can read more about the roles and responsibilities of DPS board members here and here. Election Day isn’t until Tuesday, November 2nd but you likely have your ballot already. Take a minute to learn more about each of our endorsed candidates before you vote!  

Vernon Jones. Jr. | At Large 

"Equity has to be our practice- that we truly live out the spirit of the Black Excellence Resolution…that we deliver what has not been delivered to Black and Brown students." 

Karolina Villagrana | District 2 

"I think mental health resources are essential every day even before the pandemic…As an educator myself, I needed to have the tools to make sure my students felt safe. We need to make sure our teachers are equipped." 

Dr. Carrie Olson | District 3 

“I’m running because I believe we need a career teacher on the board. I taught in DPS for 33 years. My daughter attended DPS. I’ve dedicated my life to Denver Public Schools. I am focused on teachers and students.” 

Gene Fashaw | District 4

“Instead of viewing Black and Hispanic students through a deficit lens, he said, the district needs to provide “every opportunity for our kids to be successful in the neighborhoods that they live in. They shouldn’t have to drive across town just to get a good education.” 

Learn More 

It’s still not too late to register to vote or update your information if you’ve moved. Here’s where you can get the latest information about your voter eligibility, ballot drop off and polling locations. 

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