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Access to High-Quality Schools | 10/18/2018

Danielle DeSantis
State Organizing Director

Since we released the Superintendent Search Survey in August, 158 parents, educators, and community members let us know their desired priorities for the next district leader.

We analyzed the results and pulled out popular themes for the responses. We believe that these give a great overview of the future that survey-takers envision for Denver Public Schools. Continue reading to see what our parents hope to see in our next Superintendent.

Question 1: What do you think the next superintendent should prioritize?

Almost 60% of survey respondents indicated that “Equitable school funding” was a top priority. 53% of respondents wished for prioritization of “Support for teachers and school leaders” while nearly 40% of respondents wanted “Prioritizing literacy so all kids are reading on grade-level.”


Some other responses we received in the “Other” option were:

  • Closing underperforming schools and providing adequate options for all families
  • Increased teacher compensation and school funding
  • Make sure all students have meals
  • Invest in neighborhood schools

Question 2: What characteristics do you think are most important in the next superintendent?

There were four responses which received nearly 40% of agreement from respondents: Experience improving low performing schools, Instructional expertise, Experience working in DPS or a similar district, Strong strategist who has a clear vision for the district.


Some other responses we received in the “Other” option were:

  • Demonstrated commitment to equity and anti-racism work
  • Strong manager
  • Values the mental health and monetary worth of teacher’s work

Question 3: Is there anything else you’d like the school board to consider when picking the next superintendent?

This is a visual representation of responses to this question. The larger the word, the more often it appeared in the responses.


What now?  

Even though we are no longer collecting survey responses there are still ways to continue getting involved in the hiring process. We are organizing parents and community partners to address the school board during public comment sessions. If you are interested in joining us on one of the dates below and raising your voice, please reach out to Danielle DeSantis

  • November 8th,
  • November 15th

What's the timeline? 

  • November 26th, Final candidates announced
  • December 10th, Hiring decision announced

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