National Reading Month

Early Childhood Education, Legislation | 03/02/2021

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

It’s National Reading Month. At Stand Colorado we believe that literacy is a civil right and the key to unlocking a life of promise. People who can read and write can navigate our systems and work to make necessary changes to those systems. They can experience lifelong learning and joy.

These are the reasons that our team has been deeply committed to improving literacy outcomes for Colorado students for a decade. Our work encompasses advocating for policies that ensure students are taught to read using research-backed, scientific approaches and teachers are supported in using those approaches and supporting every student’s early literacy. Our work also focuses on providing information and resources to families about early literacy and how to support it at home and in partnership with their child’s teachers.

While every month is reading month for us, this March you can expect to hear from us: about resources to support literacy at home, elevating the voices of educators about the power of using scientifically based approaches to teach literacy, and opportunities to advocate for policy to ensure we stay focused on supporting early literacy in Colorado and giving teachers the tools they need to be successful. We’ll also be sharing books about diverse women leaders (it’s Women’s History Month, too!)  that our team thinks you should read yourself or with your children.

For now, remember that our Literacy Center is here to help you learn more about the power of literacy, literacy in Colorado and resources to support literacy at home.

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