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Access to High-Quality Schools, Who We Are | 06/30/2020

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

Earlier this month, Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education unanimously approved a resolution to end the district’s contract with the Denver Police Department. We applaud this important first step toward police free schools and ending the school to prison pipeline, but we know this is just the beginning.  

At Stand, we are committed to listening to and elevating parent voice and we are eager to follow the leadership of parent leaders and community members. During a recent school board meeting several parent leaders who work with Stand for Children Colorado testified before the school board about the resolution to end the DPS contract with Denver Police Department.  

“It is imperative that we make sure we are protecting not only the bodies of our Black and Brown students, but also their future. Believing in their future means that my child has access to opportunities for growth that lead him to be the owner of his future, it means that they get to go to school without the looming threat and fear of the police there to apprehend or cuff them like they are seeing within their own communities in a day to day basis...We need to be able to provide more mental health support, you need to use this money to support our students and think differently about security and not be moved by fear fueled by racial biased.” Tina Carrol, DPS parent and Stand Leader 

“As we have the powerful conversation of taking initial steps to ending the school to prison pipeline, we also need to think about how can we ensure our Black and Brown kids leave DPS prepared to follow their dreams and live up to their potential.” Natalie Perez, DPS parent and Stand Leader  

We have been listening to the community about this decision and what they would like to see next. 

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