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Literacy | 10/05/2018

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinator

This week we completed the at-home literacy workshop series for parents at two Hope Communities locations: the Gardens and Hidden Brook. 

Over the course of four sessions, parents learned a large variety of information ranging from reading strategies to partnering with their child's teacher for student success. Parents also started creating a learning community together in which they quickly grew comfortable sharing their struggles and success stories around reading with their children. By the third and fourth sessions, we saw parents laughing, joking around, and enjoying the company of each other.

We interviewed two regular workshop attendees, Amber from the Gardens and Shwe Yee Win from Hidden Brook, to find out more about what they learned. 

Name: Amber
Where are you from? Denver, Colorado
How many children do you have? Alyssa (4) and Sierra (12)
What was your favorite workshop and why? The games and activities workshops because it gave me supplemental resources I can use at home. Specially with Alyssa it is nice to get that info to her through the games. Also, she has not smoked her sister with the fly swatter yet which is good. 
Have you tried any of the suggested activities yet? Tried fly swatter game, beans spelling activities. We also went to the Denver Public Library website and did some of the read-along activities. 
Why do you like coming to the workshops? I am always open to learning more, specially about education and literacy and what more can be done. I enjoyed them and was happy with the information I was able to take home with me.


Name: Shwe Yee
Where are you from? I came from Burma, the city of Bago
How many children do you have? I have three daughters.
What has been your favorite workshop and why? I liked the second week (take-home activities and resources). That was my favorite because you told me about the website with the stories and the books. I also liked learning ways to play using stories.
Have you tried any of the suggested activities yet? Yeah, I already visited the websites like Storyline and Unite for Literacy.
Why do you like coming to the workshops? Because for the future of my kids, that's why I came here every week.

Many many thanks to our partners at Hope Communities for helping us bring these workshops to your families!

Interested in joining one of our other workshops? Check out our map to find one happening near you

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