Join Us:Dr. King's Legacy in the 21st Century

Who We Are | 01/10/2022

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

Please join us on 01/13 at 6pm for a virtual event: Dr. King's Legacy in the 21st Century

With Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday approaching, I've been trying to imagine what Dr. King would think about the United States today — the division, the hate — but I also wonder where he would applaud progress and see reason for hope.


This Thursday, January 13, Learn From History is hosting a virtual discussion featuring professors Dr. Hettie Williams, Dr. Guy Emerson Mount, and Dr. Tyler Parry that will look at MLK and his philosophies through a modern lens. Moderated by Dr. Tim Murphy, the panel will discuss:

  • Have Dr. King's words been misappropriated?
  • What was his vision for reparations?
  • What were his strategic decisions, the virtues of those choices, and their potential “shortcomings?”

You're invited to attend the discussion and encouraged to invite anyone you know who may find this event interesting and informative. Please RSVP at this link.


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