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Legislation | 04/20/2021

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

We have heard from hundreds of you--parents, educators and community members across Colorado that believe that we need to build stronger, healthier communities in Colorado by addressing racial inequity and ending unnecessary involvement with the criminal justice system. We are elated to bring you an opportunity to support meaningful legislation, a step towards the racially just future we’re fighting for with you.

Did you know?

There are more than 1.8 million Coloradans listed on the state criminal record database. For many of those people, involvement with justice system has led to perpetual unemployment, housing insecurity, and the loss of income for themselves and their families.

HB21-1214 seeks to address some of the lifelong challenges that families face once they or a family member has encountered the criminal justice system. Research shows that policies to reduce economic obstacles for people with criminal histories are effective at lowering recidivism and strengthening public safety. This bill will immediately impact over 60,000 Colorado kids by:

Increasing access to housing and employment by

  • Creating an automated sealing process for arrest records that do not lead to a charge ever being filed as with a presumption of innocence in this country, records that do not lead to convictions should not prevent individuals from housing or employment opportunities.
  • Ensuring certain low-level drug offenses will be automatically sealed.
  • Allowing individuals with multiple conviction records that are eligible for sealing to petition the court to have their records sealed. Current law allows for only one.

Ensuring opportunities for the future of Colorado kids, as juvenile records will be sealed and parents will have great access to needed services.

Creating stability for families and communities through relief of economic, housing, and other barriers.

Learn more about the details of what HB21-1214 does here.

As our Government Affairs Director, Bri states,

“Our mission at Stand for Children Colorado is simply that, to stand up for children. HB21-1214 is a wonderful bill that will drastically improve the lives of tens of thousands of Colorado students by giving them access to more stable housing, giving their parents increased job opportunities and lowering recidivism rates, making our communities safer and healthier.”


Join us in standing up for some of our most vulnerable students and sign the petition to support HB21-1214 today!

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