Introducing our New Literacy Center

Literacy | 09/06/2020

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

We believe literacy is power. We are committed now, more than ever, to ensuring that parents and families have the tools to support their student in learning how to read and write - the key to unlocking a future with limitless potential.

It is with this commitment and requests from parents for access to at home literacy resources during distance learning, that we are proud to announce Stand Colorado’s Virtual Literacy Center!

Stand’s Literacy Center provides literacy information to families in three sections: 

  • Power of literacy with information about why early literacy is so critical.
  • Literacy at home with resources and information for families to use to support their children at home -including demo videos for activities, games, and other online resources!
  • Literacy in Colorado with information about the READ Act and literacy policy in Colorado.

Many resources are already available in English and Spanish and we will be launching the Spanish Virtual Literacy Center soon! Empowered parents are key to improving literacy outcomes in Colorado and we are proud to support parents and families in their students’ education.

Check out our Literacy Center today and share with a teacher, parent, or friend to make literacy at home easy and fun!

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