Internet Access Resources for Families

Early Childhood Education, Literacy, Parent & Family Engagement | 04/10/2020

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

With school buildings across the U.S. closed to slow the spread of COVID-19, learning is now taking place completely online. That poses a significant hurdle to the millions of students and families who don't have access to broadband internet or technology in their homes. 

The digital divide that existed before the coronavirus outbreak is now more noticeable than ever. Students in low-income households and rural communities are most affected, either due to financial hurdles or a lack of digital infrastructure that make access to internet and devices out of reach. 

If you are seeking step-by-step guidance for getting access to home internet, here are our recommendations for providers offering free or reduced price plans during this time.

Internet Access Resources

Having reliable internet access right now is not only essential for students to complete their schoolwork, but it's vital for parents and adult family members who may be recently out of work and looking to file for unemployment, new job opportunities, or researching how to gain access to resources for food and health care. That's why we'll continue to update our internet resource center with information that could be helpful to you and your family during this time.



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