Increasing Diverse Educators in Colorado

Legislation | 03/08/2020

Claire Bresnahan
State Operations Coordinator

This legislative session has brought forth a variety of exciting bills in education. One we are proud to support is HB20-1007 Diverse Kindergarten Through 12th Grade Educator Workforce Report. 

This bill directs the Department of Higher Education and the Department of Education to convene a workgroup on diversity in the educator workforce to investigate barriers to the preparation, retention, and recruitment of a diverse educator workforce and to consider strategies to increase diversity in the educator workforce.   

Our Executive Director, Krista Spurgin, testified this week in the Senate Education Committee saying, “The issue of diversifying our teacher workforce needs to be taken seriously by everyone if we are going to truly close the gaps for students who continue to be underserved. Improving access to transparent information about educator prep programs is a key step toward ensuring our teacher workforce is more reflective of our student population and barriers are removed for those students who are consistently underserved.”     

The bill had overwhelming support by the full House after passing out of House Education Committee unanimously. Last week it was passed by the Senate Education Committee and sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee.  

We know from students, parents, and research that a diverse, highly effective teacher workforce is critical in reaching our mission of making safe, welcoming, effective and equitable schools a reality for all of Colorado’s children. We are excited to see a commitment to creating accessible teacher pathways, recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. 

For a full rundown of bills related to K-12, we encourage you to keep tabs on Chalkbeat’s bill tracker

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