Honoring Black History Month

Who We Are | 02/01/2021

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

February is Black History month, and we are eager to use this time to both continue to deepen our commitment to anti-racism and elevate Black leaders and organizations who are championing this work.  

Stand for Children is tirelessly committed to dismantling white supremacy in our education system and our team is continuing to engage in critical conversations about race and working to identify and interrupt white supremacist norms in our workplace, in the policies we pursue, and in our personal lives.  

This legislative session, we are prioritizing anti-racism in our schools by championing legislation to dismantle the school to prison pipeline and to increase the number of Black educators in Colorado. If you are interested in following or engaging in this work during legislative session, sign up here.  

This month, we will be centering our focus on early literacy as a civil rights issue and elevating Black authors’ work in celebrating Black history. We will also be uplifting parent and community voice as well as sharing opportunities to follow and support the work of Black leaders in Colorado and sign up for anti-racist advocacy opportunities in the future. This work doesn’t begin or end in February- we must stay in the fight.  

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