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Elections | 10/07/2021

Ivana Bejaran Rib
Organizing Director

Last night CBS and the Colorado Hispanic Chamber of Commerce hosted a forum for candidates running for Denver Public Schools Board of Education. Candidates shared more about their backgrounds and their priorities if elected. Stand has endorsed three candidates – Vernon Jones Jr. (At Large), Karolina Villagrana (District 2), and Dr. Carrie Olson (District 3). They spoke about prioritizing mental health, committing to equity, and using their experiences as educators.

Here’s some of what they had to say:

At Large: Vernon Jones Jr.

"Equity has to be our practice- that we truly live out the spirit of the Black Excellence Resolution…that we deliver what has not been delivered to Black and Brown students."

"We’ve created a system that says academics and wellness are separate, but that’s not who we are as human beings... if we are the great Mile High city then every resource needs to be made available to ensure the wellness of our students."

District 2: Karolina Villagrana

"I want to bring my own personal experience of when I stepped into a classroom…where I was shocked to see no one who looked like me…it’s why I became a teacher...and what I will bring every day as a member of the school board."

"I think mental health resources are essential every day even before the pandemic…As an educator myself, I needed to have the tools to make sure my students felt safe. We need to make sure our teachers are equipped."

District 3: Dr. Carrie Olson

“I’m running because I believe we need a career teacher on the board. I taught in DPS for 33 years. My daughter attended DPS. I’ve dedicated my life to Denver Public Schools. I am focused on teachers and students.”

"We need consistent leadership...we're at a time where we can change things in DPS...we're coming out of the pandemic with better ideas."

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We are committed to electing education champions who will stand up for mental health, academic achievement, and racial justice so that every student in Denver Public Schools can thrive.  

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