Meet the Stand Team: Amy!

Who We Are | 06/13/2018

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

Amy is Stand Colorado's government affairs director and leads our policy, legislative, and electoral work. Amy joined the team about 3 years ago after working in various government relations roles in the healthcare industry. Her experience includes winning several major legislative initiatives at the Colorado General Assembly and also significant experience working on political and ballot initiative campaigns. Amy hails from Iowa but has called Colorado home since 2006. 

What makes you most excited about your work at Stand?

I really feel passionate about digging in on early literacy policies to ensure students are starting out with the foundational skills they need to be successful throughout their academic careers. I’ve enjoyed learning more from school experts about what’s working and I hope someday we get to a place where all students have access to materials that spark life-long love of reading.

Why did you choose to work at Stand?  

After nearly a decade in health care policy, I was excited to learn about new systems and challenges.  I believe that equal access to high-quality systems and services drives outcomes and that foundational belief bridges health care and education policy work.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A lawyer or a doctor.

Where are we most likely to find you when you are not at work?

Outdoors –  hiking, golfing, drinking beer, or some combination thereof. 





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