Get a Head Start on the First Day!

Parent & Family Engagement | 08/13/2019

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

The first day of school can be both something to look forward to and a source of stress. Make sure your family is set to hit the ground running for another successful year by beginning your preparation now!

Here are some of my tips for getting ready to go back to school:

• Establish your family’s school routine. What time does everyone need to go to bed and wake up? When should you leave the house to make it to school on time? Start practicing this routine now so that by the morning of the first day, everyone is ready to go!

• Set goals. Ask your child what goals they have for the upcoming school year and share your hopes for them. Maybe your child wants to make a new friend or read 10 books. Whatever their goal, take the time to write it down and think about how they can accomplish it this year.

• Create a family calendar. Mark down birthdays, no school days, holidays, test days, and other important dates for the next year. Give your child responsibility for keeping it updated.

• Designate a homework zone. Set up a space in your home, like a corner of the dining table or a nook in the living room. Decorate with a lamp or a few pillows and a poster so that when homework time rolls around, there’s a cozy and quiet place to get work done.

• Sign up to receive literacy resources and tips throughout the school year by signing the Colorado Read Now pledge!

• HAVE FUN! Enjoy the last few days of summer by spending time together as a family. Go on a picnic, visit the museum, or check out books from the library.

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