The Flyswatter Game

Literacy, Parent & Family Engagement | 07/08/2019

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

Practicing sight words and new vocabulary is so much more than writing things down on flashcards and trying to memorize them! In fact, getting your kids up and moving as they learn is a great way to retain even more information while having fun. Our favorite example of this is the Flyswatter Game. All you need are some index cards (or small pieces of paper), some words to practice, and a couple of flyswatters!

There are many variations of the Flyswatter Game but the basic rules are as follows:

  1. Write alphabet letters, phonics chunks, or new vocabulary on index cards. Each word or letter gets its own card. NOTE: Not sure which words or letters to practice? Look back at what your child struggled with during the past school year or read a book with your child and take note of which words they don’t know or struggle to read.
  2. Lay the cards out on a flat surface, face-up.
  3. Give each child a flyswatter. Say one of the words or letters on the cards out loud. Whoever hits the correct card first takes that card and earns a point. The player with the most cards at the end of the game, wins!

There are also plenty of ways to mix things up. Follow our suggestions below or work with your child to create your own version:

  • Scatter the cards around different parts of the room (or backyard!). When you say the word, they must run to that card and tap it with their foot.
  • Tape the words on different walls. Players must run to the right word and slap it with their hand.
  • Draw pictures to represent different letters of the alphabet. Say a letter and players must identify the corresponding picture to get the point. You can also do this to practice synonyms or opposites!

Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page if you tried this game at home with your children!

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