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Literacy | 09/12/2018

Eura Chang
State Operations Coordinator

This week, we kicked off our fall at-home literacy workshops. We are planning on taking the four-part series to seven schools and community partners across the Denver Metro area, with a few more locations in the works.

The workshops have two main goals:

  1. Share information around the multitude of free local and online resources available to parents who want to create and maintain a love of reading in their home. Through these resources, we hope to equip parents with the tools, strategies, and confidence to support and advocate for their child’s literacy.
  2. Cultivate a learning community among parents whose kids might attend the same schools or live in the same neighborhood. We want to celebrate and lift up the incredible amount of wisdom and knowledge that each family already possesses around educating and raising their children. We hope the workshops facilitate a space where families can get to know each other and share their successes and struggles.

Each workshop focuses on a different topic.

  1. The importance of literacy; finding appropriately leveled books for your child; cultivating a love of literacy in your home
  2. Activities and strategies for improving reading; The importance of family storytelling
  3. Partnering with your child’s teacher and school for academic success
  4. Data Equity Walk – Examining and analyzing school and district level data around literacy

All workshops are open to the public. To find a workshop happening near you, check out our map which will be updated with new sessions and locations as they are scheduled. You can also register and find a list of workshop locations here.

Don’t live near Denver? That’s ok, we got you! We have a series of webinars available for families which approach similar subjects. We are also working to expand our workshops beyond the Denver Metro area as we know the topic of literacy is important statewide. Please let us know if you would like to be kept updated on this work.

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  • I am interested in workshop for my grandchildren
    Romero Romero

    September 13, 2018 6:55 PM

  • Hello! I'm so glad to hear you're interested - feel free to send me an email at and we can find out which workshop you'd like to attend. You can also go to to view our map.

    September 14, 2018 7:53 AM