Family Storytelling

Literacy, Parent & Family Engagement | 07/16/2019

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

Sometimes, the best stories are the ones that come from our own families. While we encourage families to read books with their children as much as possible, we also believe that passing down tales and everyday stories has plenty of its own benefits. Studies have shown that children whose families discuss family history and stories often have more self-esteem and better coping skills.

There are also plenty of ways that you can incorporate writing and creativity to bring these families histories to life. Try out our family storytelling activities and discover the importance and impact of knowing from where you’ve come.

  • Find out how much your child already knows. Ask them the following questions and if they don’t know the answer, tell them the story behind it!
    • Do you know how your parent met?
    • Do you know where your grandparents grew up?
    • Do you know the source of your name?
    • Do you know which person in the family you look or act most like?
    • Do you know some of the lessons your parents learned from good or bad experiences?
  • Create a book of memories. Start with some pictures or words about things you remember from your childhood. Ask your child to create their own pages. See if there are any similarities!
  • Have your child create questions for an interview with a family member over the phone or in person. Add the responses to the book of memories.
  • Go through old family photos or look at maps & pictures of your ancestral home.
  • Create a mission statement or a motto for your family based on everything you’ve learned together!

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