Early Literacy Policy Clears Hurdle in House

Legislation, Literacy | 04/26/2018

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

Update: HB 1393 was passed by the full House, April 27. 

Yesterday, the House Education Committee held a hearing on House Bill 1393, Effective Implementation of the READ Act.” As you may recall, this is the early literacy policy that our team has been working closely with legislators to develop and advance.

House Bill 1393 strengthens areas of Colorado’s early literacy policy, the Reading to Ensure Academic Development (READ) Act. You can read more about this policy here. Representative Millie Hamner (D-Dillon) and Senator Bob Gardner (R-Colorado Springs) introduced HB 1393 last week and yesterday it was passed by the House Education Committee 11-2. Next it will be considered by the full House.


Parents Jeannie Nelson and Ruby Cardenas testify on HB 1393.

Two parents and an early literacy educator testified in favor of the legislation before the Committee. In their testimony they stressed how HB 1393 would provide important updates to the READ Act and ultimately would help Colorado students learning to read, especially Colorado’s most struggling readers.

Educator, Carli Shock said in her testimony before the Committee, "the first part of this bill I support is to increase the expertise in the building, curriculum, and necessary professional development. Many new educators are moving to Denver and the current teacher licensure programs do not build expertise in literacy instruction for struggling readers."

Ruby Cardenas, a Colorado parent told Committee members, "I love the idea of a Task Force because this will enable us to learn about how the individual READ plans are actually performing. I also really appreciate the idea of transparency around READ Act dollars to know how we are spending the majority of our money and ensuring that those are the best initiatives we can fund."

In her testimony, parent Jeannie Nelson said, "We are trying to provide the same support to teachers that we do to our parents. At our school we have been developing parents on how they can help their student learn to read at home, if we can help our parents, then we should be able to help and support our teachers too."





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