Our Parents Have Been Working Hard!

Parent & Family Engagement | 09/25/2018

Ivana Bejaran
Parent Organizer

During DPS' search for a new superintendent, our Stand parents and members have taken every opportunity to make sure their voice is heard during the process. 

Whether they're showing up to community meetings or taking our Superintendent Search Survey, we've seen tremendous involvement from parents and community members who have the most at stake with the hiring of a new leader. 

We have been especially proud of the parents who have come out to address school board members at numerous Public Comment sessions. These leaders often take hours out of their evenings because they recognize the importance of sharing their voices and the wishes of their peers. 

At the most recent Public Comment session last Thursday, two parents spoke about priorities that have stood out from the over 100 survey responses that we have received. 

Frances, a DPS parent, foster parent, grandparent, and great-grandparent spoke about her own experiences as a low-income student in a school that did not have access to resources to support her. 

I see the same happening with my kids now where our own school does not have a fully staffed library while other schools with more funding and other demographics do have this for their kids.

Jeannie, a DPS parent of four students, shared the frustrations of many parents who took the survey when she addressed the lack of equitable funding and lack of trust in how schools are rated. 

We expect our teacheres to grade fairly and not to make themselves look better. Our school district needs to be held to the same standard. Our new superintendent needs to bring openness and integrity to the process of school grading.

Thank you to those parents who have sacrificed their time and effort in order to help shape a more equitable and high quality school system. 

If you are looking to get involved with the Superintendent Search, do not hesitate to reach out! We are also still taking responses from our Superintendent Search Survey. Feel free to share it with your networks on Facebook or Twitter

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