DPS Passes Know Justice Know Peace Resolution

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Claire Bresnahan
Communications and Operations Manager

Last night, the Denver Public School Board of Directors voted unanimously to enact the historic Know Justice Know Peace Resolution, which came as the result of student leaders and administrators at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College calling for curriculum reform.   

The resolution includes action to “ensure that all schools within the family of Denver Public Schools’ curriculum and professional practices include comprehensive historical and contemporary contributions Black, Indigenous, and Latino communities.” Actions include curriculum reviews and revisions, feedback loops, and professional learning for educators.  

Parent and Stand Advocacy Fellow, Natalie Perez said, "This resolution is important to me because it is about time our children are looked at for who they are and where they come from. Often our children are looked at just as another student but we come with our culture and our struggles and acknowledging that helps our kids reach their potentials. So many times our people of color are pushed to the side, ignored, or just seen as troubled because there is no knowledge of the challenges we face. We should also be celebrated for the beauty that comes with us. Our children should know their culture and the beauty of it because as a immigrant mother who came here as a child I struggled a lot with my identity I felt like I didn’t belong here nor there. We all come from different backgrounds and being able to welcome that in our schools is a beautiful thing." 

As Director Tay Anderson said on Twitter, “This work was led by Black women from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College that came to the Board of Education and pushed us to lead with bold actions.” 

Thank you to the Denver Public Schools Board of Directors leading with bold action and to the incredible student leaders and educators at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College for impacting historic change for Denver Public Schools. 

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