A Deeper Appreciation for Teachers

Teachers & Principals | 05/05/2020

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

It’s Teacher Appreciation Day and across Colorado there has been a new recognition for the work and role of educators in our students’ lives. With school buildings closed and class being held online due to efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19, parents are stepping up to support their child’s education in an entirely different way. My preschool daughter’s teachers have been emailing their weekly lesson plans and worksheets and preparing materials for art projects for pick up. I am so grateful for all of the efforts that go above and beyond to help keep my 3.5 year old engaged in the same learning she would be at school. But the thing is, it’s not the same as she would be getting at school. As parents,  we try our best, but also do not have the training, experience, or capacity that our educators do. I, like many other parents, am grateful today and every day to have passionate teachers in the classroom ready to engage and support each student. I appreciate all of the urgent work that has been done to transition lessons online and to provide students and families with resources they need to continue learning. I appreciate the teachers who are reaching out individually to check in on their students’ mental health as well as studies. The impact on students and families is huge and we’ve heard shining examples of amazing support across the state.  

Our parent organizers Ivana and Vallerie talked to parents we work with about their thoughts on Teacher Appreciation Day this year and here’s what they had to say.

“Teacher appreciation week means so much more to me during these times. It has a whole new perspective in my eyes to how wonderful and how much love they put into our kids!” - Carol Vazquez

“We were grateful for you then, we are grateful for you now.  During covid times you have came through shining your true dedication and heart. Thank you so much for your amazing work ethic.” Ruby Cardenas

“One day you woke up and didn’t get to walk into a class full of children who became a part of your daily life. You had to learn how to do your job over the phone and had moments where you felt you weren’t giving enough. You had 28 little humans who you were so worried about, because the world was going through chaos and you had no control on how to protect them. And I bet everyday you wake up and you give your best to offer all your students the most support you can right now and it still feels like it’s not enough. But i don’t think you realize every time we receive your calls my child’s day becomes less heavy, He smiles when he hears your voice and feels ready to complete daily assignments. Knowing you are still his teacher gives him a little sense of familiarity and the day doesn’t seem so bad. Thank you for all you do and all you put into this. Thank you for being understanding. We want you to know we appreciate!” -Natalie Perez

“I am in awe of your resiliency during this time. I see how much you are willing to help students and go the extra mile to ensure they have learned the material. I am beyond thankful for your everyday positive efforts all while dealing with life itself. You all empower the rest of us to work this hard and be role models for the next generation!” -  Itchel Cardenas

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