CHSS Hosts 9th Grade Success Institute

Teachers & Principals | 11/04/2021

Claire Bresnahan
Communications and Operations Manager

This fall, Stand for Children Colorado’s Center for High School Success, hosted two Ninth Grade Success Institutes. Over 60 participants from nine schools across Colorado joined the training to learn more about 9th grade on-track research, identify systems and structures to support 9th grade success, and develop highly effective 9th Grade Success Teams prepared to support students this school year. Participants also had the opportunity to collaborate with educators from across the state and spent dedicated worktime building plans with their school teams to put their learning into action.

One participant said, “We had a great time discussing ideas and collaborating together. We came up with some strong next steps to get more students on track.”

Students who are on-track in 9th grade are four times more likely to than their off-track peers to graduate high school (Allensworth, 2013). Colorado’s Center for High School Success launched in 2019 and now has a network of 16 high schools, across 7 districts, serving over 4,000 9th grade students. Learn more here.

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