Check Your Voter Registration Status Today!

Elections | 09/22/2020

Amy Pitlik
Government Affairs Director

Today is Voter Registration Day! We should start getting our ballots in the mail by middle of October.  But before we can cast our ballot for president, state legislators, or ballot measures to support education funding, everyone must be sure that they’re registered to vote. 

Check Your Voter Registration Status

In past years, we’d go door-to-door or host voter registration events to make sure that everyone has a plan to vote. This year, things are different. So instead, it’s up to each and every one of us to spread the word and help friends and family register.

  •  First, check to make sure your registration status is up to date.
  •  Then, reach out to a few people you know. Ask if they’re registered to vote. It’s that easy, and can make sure that each of our voices are heard this upcoming Election Day.

Together we will go to the ballot box (or the mailbox) to ensure that the people who represent us, truly represent us. 

If you're interested in volunteering (from your home!) to help get the word out about ballot measures that will mean increased funding for Colorado schools, sign up here .

Volunteer from Home



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