Black History Month-Literacy is a Civil Right

Literacy | 02/08/2021

Claire Bresnahan
Communications and Operations Manager

Literacy is power. Literacy is a civil right. Reading and writing effectively leads to a life of promise; an ability to navigate our systems, to challenge and change those systems when needed, and to experience lifelong learning and joy. In Colorado, only 40% of 4th graders are meeting literacy expectations (CMAS, 2019, CDE). That’s compared to only 25% of Black students meeting those same expectations. Our education system was founded in and in many cases perpetuates white supremacy. Opportunities are inequitable, leading to unjust outcomes. That’s why it has been and continues to be one of our most urgent priorities to ensure that every single student in Colorado has access to the education and resources needed to be successful readers and writers.

We are eager to continue to our partnerships with parents, educators, and legislators to impact meaningful policy, equitably direct resources, and center students and families’ needs as we seek to inspire lifelong literacy advocates- the key to unlocking a future with limitless potential and an end to racial injustice in this country.

Join us!

  • Check out Stand's Virtual Literacy Center to learn more about literacy in Colorado and find activities and resources to support literacy at home!
  • Sign up to be a Literacy Advocate with us this legislative session
  • Make a donation to support our Virtual Literacy Workshops for families across Colorado
  • Follow us on Instagram (@standcolorado), Facebook (Stand for Children- Colorado) and Twitter (@ColoradoStand) to stay up to date on all things literacy in Colorado!

This week, we will be sharing some of our favorite accounts, book lists, and resources to elevate Black leaders, authors, and organizations focused on reading and literacy.

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