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High-Quality Preschool for All: A Path to Success

Abundant research shows that children who receive quality early childhood education not only start kindergarten more prepared to succeed, but they are also more likely to graduate high school, complete college, and find better paying jobs.

More support to modernize the School Finance Act


SB 213, the modernization of the School Finance Act, continues to gain steam across the state. Check out this latest editorial from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. It clearly shows the value this bill provides to rural districts.

Action alert: Help us make SB 213 equitable for all kids


From the beginning, Stand has supported modernizing our state's school finance formula based on one of the core principles of the bill: equity for students across all districts.

Colorado ASSET passes the House!


On Friday, Colorado made history as the House passed SB 33, or the ASSET bill that allows qualified Colorado students to access an affordable higher education.The bill, which received bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate, is now headed to Governor Hickenlooper's desk. Read more from EdNews Colorado.

News from Education Week -- Are Teachers Prepared for Common Core?


Education Week released a report that details how prepared teachers feel to implement the new Common Core State Standards in their classrooms. What do you think we should do to make sure teachers -- and parents -- understand how the Common Core will change learning? How much training time is enough to get teachers ready for this change?

Infographic via Education Week.

Four cool things about voting in Colorado


1. You can vote in your pajamas

The American Dream – alive in Aurora (and playing soccer)


On Saturday Stand was invited to participate in the We Are Aurora, Colorado Strong festival, sponsored by the Piton Foundation and the Fields Wolfe Memorial Fund.