Attendance Awareness Month: From the Experts

Current Events & News, Ninth Grade Success, Teachers & Principals | 09/14/2020

Claire Bresnahan
State Operations Coordinator

September is Attendance Awareness Month and with a mix of remote learning, hybrid models, and lots of uncertainty about the upcoming school year, attendance is top of mind across the education ecosystem.  

How will schools track daily attendance during remote learning? How will schools ensure access and encourage engagement? What does participation look like in a remote environment?  

We’ve heard from schools and experts and are eager to uplift some best practices and lessons learned throughout the month.  

Attendance Works, a organization working to advance student success and help close equity gaps by reducing chronic absence, recently released a Transition Guide to support transition to school amidst COVID-19 and a Framework for monitoring attendance in distance learning

Most notably, the framework adds four additional key metrics for schools to support and track: Contact, Connectivity, Relationships, and Participation. As stated on their website, “These metrics paint a holistic picture of whether students are positioned to benefit from distance and blended learning opportunities.” 

Experts are calling on schools to use attendance tracking to trigger holistic supports, by centering access, engagement, and relationships versus accountability and compliance.  

We are hosting two events this month for educators to learn more about supporting student engagement in this environment. 


On Monday, September 21 from 3-4pm we will host a webinar on how ot use research-backed strategies to establish trusting relationships with students and famlies virtually. During this one hour webinar we will share actionaable information about setting up a virtual home visit program. 

Virtual Home Visits Webinar

In partnership with Colorado Youth for a Change we are hosting educators from districts across Colorado for a discussion September 29 from 3-4 pm.  You can learn more and register here: Rethinking Attendance: Supporting Participation in Remote Learning

 Rethinking Attendance: Supporting Participation in Remote Learning

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