Ask Lawmakers to Fund Our Schools Equitably!

Legislation, School Funding | 04/20/2021

Danielle DeSantis
State Organizing Director

This week, lawmakers are working on updates to the way schools are funded in Colorado. This is our opportunity to ensure the students who need support the most can get it.  

The school finance formula allocates targeted investments for our students living in poverty and experiencing the most barriers to opportunity using the at-risk factor in the funding formula. 

Join us in fighting for equitable school funding in Colorado by advocating for the following updates to the school finance formula:  

  • Adding students who are eligible for reduced-price lunch as a funding factor. 
  • Adding students who are English language learners as a funding factor. 
  • Lowering the impact of the cost-of-living adjustment. 

By adding these two categories to the “at-risk factor” schools will be able to better support students. Additionally, our formula sends a dramatically disproportionate amount of funding to high cost-of-living districts, approximately three times what we spend to support students living in poverty and more than six times what we spend on special education.

Join us!

Ask lawmakers to more equitably fund our schools with one click.  



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