Amendment 73: Common Misconceptions

School Funding | 09/21/2018

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

Stand for Children Colorado is incredibly proud to be supporting Amendment 73 during this election season. We believe that making an investment in Colorado’s kids is one of the most important investments we can make as a community and know that this is a belief shared by many people around the state. As with any major ballot initiative, we’ve noticed that there have been concerns and questions raised around A73. We appreciate the opportunity to clarify the amendment and hope this blog will help you answer any questions as you continue to talk to your neighbors about Amendment 73!

Misconception #1: Schools don’t need more money / There’s no use throwing more money at the problem:

Research has shown time and time again that schools and students benefit from increased investment in education. Even beyond that, if we want to see smaller class sizes, livable wages for educators, and more mental health resources, among the many things families want from their schools, we will need increased funding. The $7 billion dollar divestment in our schools has consequences and the longer we wait to start investing, the higher the price tag.

Misconception #2: A73 is a blank check with no guarantee on how the money will be spent.

Spending decisions for funds created by A73 will be made at the local level by local school boards. Because this is a grassroots effort with true local control, each community can see exactly what it means to their own school and hold their local school board accountable. Use the tax calculator here to find the exact impact of A73 on you and your community.

The money also goes into a protected fund for public education that can’t be raided by the legislature and is outside the TABOR limits.

Misconception #3: A73 is a huge tax increase on Colorado taxpayers

$1.6 billion dollars is a lot of money but within the frame of massive cuts to public education funding, it’s what’s needed. To put it into context, it will only take 5 years of revenue generated by Amendment 73 to repay the debt that is owed to our schools since the Great Recession.

92% of tax filers will not see an increase and A73 will help us out of our deep hole in K-12 funding.

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