2022 Policy Priority-Equitable School Funding

Legislation | 03/16/2022

Krista Spurgin
Executive Director

Why We Stand

In Colorado, school funding is inadequate, complicated and needs to be more equitable to ensure the students that need support the most can access it. Colorado ranks 43rd in spending on education adjusted for regional cost differences (Ed Week, 2021 Quality Counts).

Last year, some updates were made to the over 30-year old formula that finances our schools, but there is much more to be done. 

Policy Solution

House Bill 22-1202 will make important updates to the  way schools are funded in Colorado, giving us an opportunity to ensure the students who need support the most can get.    

The school finance formula allocates targeted investments for our students and communities living in poverty and experiencing the most barriers to opportunity using the at-risk factor in the funding formula. HB22-1202, At-risk Student Measure For School Finance, expands the at-risk factor by identifying students at-risk based on enrollment in public benefit programs and census block data.  These updates help make sure we fund our schools equitably and that the students who need support the most can get it.


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