2022 Policy Priorities: Early Literacy

Legislation | 01/19/2022

Bri Buentello
Government Affairs Director

Over the last few months, we’ve been listening, researching, and engaging parents, educators, partners and policymakers to prepare for next year’s legislative session. As the 2022 Colorado legislative session begins, we’re sharing a closer look at our top policy priorities and how you can engage with us this year. 

Learn more about one of our top priorities, early literacy.  


Over 30 years of research shows that there are scientifically backed ways to teach students to read. Yet many teachers say that they have not been equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful. Colorado has taken meaningful steps to improve literacy outcomes including supporting teachers with training in the science of reading.

Over 14,000 Colorado teachers are enrolled in science of reading training, 7,000 teachers have completed their training. Principals and administrators should be trained with the most up-to-date, research-based knowledge of how students learn to read so that they can support teachers in effectively utilizing the science of reading in their literacy instruction. 

That's why we're excited to announce legislation we're championing to do just that. Senate Bill 22-004 will expand training in the science of reading to building-level administrators to best support effective implementation of scientifically backed curriculums and instructional practices. 

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Why This Matters

Ensuring that school leaders are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and best practices outlined in the science of reading research would improve alignment with and support of teachers, drastically improving effective implementation of the READ Act. 

“As an intervention teacher, I work with some of the most struggling readers across multiple grade levels in our school. Historically, different belief systems about teaching reading have created a disjointed approach that just hasn't facilitated growth for those who struggle the most. Now more than ever, I think we can all agree that we simply don't have any time to waste.” Sarah Tilton, Colorado Reading Interventionist 


SB22-004 is expected to be heard by the Senate Education Committee next week. Tell lawmakers you support legislation to expand science of reading training to principals and administrators. Send an email today with one click!  

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