2022 Policy Priorities: Clean Slate

Legislation | 01/25/2022

Bri Buentello
Government Affairs Director

Over the last few months, we’ve been listening, researching, and engaging parents, educators, partners and policymakers to prepare for next year’s legislative session. As the 2022 Colorado legislative session begins, we’re sharing a closer look at our top policy priorities and how you can engage with us this year. 

Learn more about one of our top priorities, just and supportive communities for Colorado families. 


Nearly a third of Colorado’s population is currently listed in state databases as having a criminal record. Many have no criminal history beyond a single, low-level, and non-violent offense. For these Coloradans, the stigma of a criminal record can create ongoing obstacles to long-term employment, education, and housing.  

During the 2022 legislative session, we will advocate for legislation to automatically seal the criminal records of individuals who are convicted of a non-violent offense if the person has completed their sentence, completed a waiting period of several years, and has not committed another criminal offense. 

By automatically sealing records of non-violent offenders, we create pathways for safe and supportive families and communities.   

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When people are better positioned to care for and provide for themselves and their children, all Coloradans benefit. This proposal improves outcomes for individuals, children, and entire families.   

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Removing barriers to housing and employment equips everyone with the opportunity to provide for their families and become more productive citizens.

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