This Week at the Capitol: February 9

Legislation | 02/09/2018

Amy Pitlik
Director of Government Relations

Welcome back to another round of updates from the Capitol! As we noted in our last blog, this week was a busy one so let’s jump right into it.

The week started off with action on three education-related bills: HB-1005, Notice to Students of Postsecondary Courses (Rep.  J. Becker, D-Fort Morgan; Rep. B. Pettersen D-Lakewood); SB-004, Funding For Full-Day Kindergarten (Sen. A. Kerr, D-Lakewood); and HB-1014, Social Studies Assessment in High Schools (Rep. P. Buck, R-Windsor).

HB-1005 passed third reading in the House without any amendments and HB-1014 was laid over, unamended, in the House Committee on Education. SB-004, one of Senator Kerr’s multiple attempts to institute full-day kindergarten, was postponed indefinitely.

On Wednesday, SB-083, Education Income Tax Credits for Nonpublic School (Sen. K. Lundberg, R-Berthoud and Rep. K. Ransom, R-Littleton) was referred to Appropriations without amendments.

Thursday’s bills did not see much movement. Testimony was heard on SB-011, Students Excused From Taking State Assessments (Sen. A. Kerr, D-Lakewood; Sen. C. Holbert, R-Parker; Rep. P. Lundeen, R-Monument;, Rep T. Kraft-Tharp, D-Arvada) and will be voted on at a later time. Discussion around SB-099, Align Early Childhood Quality Improvement Programs (Sen. K. Priola, R-Henderson; Sen. M. Merrifield, D-Colorado Springs; Rep.  J. Wilson, R-Salida; Rep. Brittany Petersen, D-Lakewood) and SB-151, Colorado Department of Education Bullying Policies Research (Sen. K. Priola, R-Henderson; Sen. R. Fields, D-Aurora; Rep.  J. Wilson, R-Salida; Rep. J. Buckner, D-Aurora) have been rescheduled for next Wednesday, February 14th.

Next week will kick off with three bills in the House Education Committee: HB-1088, Funding for Full-day Kindergarten (Rep. J. Wilson, R-Salida); HB-1130, School District-authorized Instructors (Rep. D. Williams, R-Colorado Springs); and HB-1193, Extend Advanced Placement Incentives Program (Rep. J. Wilson, R-Salida).

On Tuesday, the Senate Finance Committee will hear SB-147 (Sen. D. Coram, R-Montrose; Sen. R. Zenzinger D-Arvada; Rep. B. Rankin, R-Carbondale; Rep. B. McLachlan, D-Durango) which would make revisions to the teacher loan forgiveness program and extend the repeal date.

The week will end with two bills in the Senate Education Committee: SB-118, Local School Board Authority Over Charter Schools (Sen. M. Merrifield, D-Colorado Springs; Rep. J. Arndt, D-Fort Collins) which would make changes to the process of denying a charter school application by the local school board and SB-133, Higher Education Certificate Performance Funding (Sen. Bob Gardner, R-Colorado Springs; Rep. C. Duran, D-Denver).

We’ll see you back here next week!


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