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Literacy | 08/16/2017

Kate Dando Doran
Director of Communications

At this point we are probably starting to sound like a broken record, but early literacy is really important to us at Stand Colorado. Our team is passionately committed to ensuring that every Colorado student is proficiently reading by the time they enter 4th grade so they are set up for success throughout their education and beyond. Our goal is ambitious: we want to double the number of 4th graders reading proficiently by 2025. You can check our more about our work here.

Earlier this year Stand launched  Read Now Colorado which provides parents resources and tips to help them support their student at home and partner with their child’s teacher. Today, I wanted to share a new video we developed to provide information for parents about reading in Colorado, the READ Act, and how to support their child’s reading. If you haven't taken the pledge or checked our our other resources, I encourage you to visit  We would love to hear from you more about the type of information and resources that would be helpful to you in supporting your child in becoming a strong reader. Leave us a comment below.

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