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Parent & Family Engagement | 06/16/2017

Chelsea Henkel
Policy Manager

Reading is a critical skill and here at Stand for Children, we have been working for years to improve early literacy in Colorado. Even though we have made a lot of progress, the data say we have work to do. According to the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) only 39% of Colorado 4th graders are reading proficiently. We want to double the number of students reading on grade level by the end of third grade by the year 2025. But we can only make positive changes if we fully understand what’s working and what could use some improvement. So we need your input!

Over the last few months our team has hosted listening sessions across Colorado to hear in person from educators and some parents on their perspectives.  We have also launched online surveys to hear from those who were not able to meet in person. Parents, we invite you to take the survey here. Please use the password COReading.

The ability to read is a fundamental skill all students need to be successful throughout their education and their lives. If we work together we can help improve literacy rates in Colorado. Again, here is the link to the parent survey, password: COReading.


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